Our Purpose

(What we do)
HOPE is a community managed organisation working to develop innovative and collaborative community-based services and networks in the alcohol and other drugs, justice and mental health fields. HOPE provides services across Western Australia and interstate with a priority on working with and supporting people who are most marginalised and who have the most
complex needs.

Our Vision

(Why we are here)
HOPE and OPPORTUNITY exist for people particularly those impacted by alcohol, other drugs, and mental health issues, to live healthy and connected lives.

Our Mission

(How we are going to get there)
HOPE connects with those who are most marginalised by providing supportive environments and services that engage people where they are. HOPE supports people to connect and engage, building a sense of belonging within communities. HOPE responds to the needs of people in regional and remote communities.

Our Values

Person Centred The central focus for all of our activity is on the needs of the client we serve on their journey through life.
Connectedness We will make time to build and maintain strong positive safe relationships with all those we engage with.
Trust Building trust with people through honesty, respect and following through on commitments.
Participation Being inclusive and fostering contribution from all stakeholders.
Excellence Through accountable practice, being transparent, seeking continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Principles

The participation, needs, and wellbeing of HOPE’s clients are central to all our decision making. Clients and stakeholders must be involved in the design of HOPE’s services, and wherever possible in the co-production of these services. HOPE shares its resources with service partners to improve collaboration and reciprocate benefits. HOPE prioritises opportunities that facilitate jointly-managed service ventures that aid local community building.

Strategic Priorities

Over the next three years HOPE will implement the following strategic priorities:

  • Facilitate and enhance connection with and within marginalised communities at the local level.
  • Create new supportive service environments and enterprises in partnership with local communities and other stakeholders.
  • Expand HOPE’s regional footprint to ensure people receive the right care, in the right place, at the right time.
  • Increase engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, leading to improved social and emotional outcomes.
  • Increase engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through employment by HOPE.