Guided by our values, we focus on opportunities for community members to re-engage and participate positively in the community. Through leadership and a collaborative approach, Hope seeks to address the structural drivers of exclusion and disadvantage in our society and in turn promotes innovative policies and programs to support individual and community wellbeing and inclusion.


Our Values

In pursuing our mission and vision we are guided by the following core values:



We respect each human being, without exception, recognising the dignity of all people in the diverse make-up of our communities.



Connection, interdependence and belonging are vital to the health and wellbeing of people and communities.  Working with all stakeholders to strengthen the individual’s connections to family, friends and community is critical for all our services.



Services and community responses are improved through effective participation by clients, carers, staff, stakeholders and communities in the design, delivery and evaluation stages.



In a world of constant change and scarcity of resources, ensuring a sustainable approach to delivering and managing services is vital in upholding our social, economic and environmental responsibilities.



The organisation is committed to ensuring quality and excellence in service delivery, organisational management and community relations to achieve meaningful outcomes for people and communities.


“It is a long hard battle but it can be done. After two decades of addiction I am clean and employed in a career where I can help people to overcome their own issues. I love who I am and what I do every day and am very grateful for what Hope has given me”.


Therapeutic Community graduate

“I love to go the extra mile to celebrate the young people’s birthdays properly. I enjoy making them feel special on their day in a family like atmosphere and positive environment. We believe that all children, regardless of their living situations, should celebrate their birthdays joyfully”.

Neville, Staff Member

Youth Bail Options Program, Port Hedland

“I understood that things were changing for the better when, about 6 weeks into my stay, I found I could really talk to my family again after a long time. Hearing people say that they were proud of me, hearing things with a clean mind made me realise life isn’t that hard”.


Therapeutic Community graduate

“The accommodation in the THASP house has given me peace of mind knowing I am in a stable and secure environment. Relationships with my family have really improved and my Mum and Dad have been really supportive of me”.


Transitional Housing (THASP) resident

“My work mates all drank and used drugs; it was in the culture, and I felt pressured. Drugs and alcohol began to affect all my relationships and I knew I had to seek help. The best thing about my life right now is knowing I am going to wake up healthy in the morning and I am going to be around for my daughter”.


Counselling client


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