Blessing of the Bail House - Hope Community Services

Blessing of the Bail House

Last week we opened our new metropolitan bail house. Local community Elders, Elizabeth and Jim Hayden attended with their grandsons Bevan and Corey, to bless the house and conduct a traditional smoking ceremony. Bevan played the didgeridoo whilst Corey danced.

Smoking ceremonies are an ancient custom across the Noongar nation. Smoking ceremonies are conducted to acknowledge ancestors and pay respect to the land.

Attendees included HOPE staff, our Board Chair, members of the Executive Team and representatives from the Department of Justice.

Various staff spoke with appreciation about the service and how it provided support to the young people who reside at the house.  Our team leader for the Metropolitan Bail Service Kirsty Gibb, presented statistics about the service and explained how well the service is linked to the local community.

On behalf of the staff at the Metropolitan Bail Service, we would like to say a big thank you to the Board of HOPE for purchasing this new property. The young people residing there and staff really appreciate it and we can’t thank them enough.