Get sober, get clean – for good

Congratulations. You’re taking the first step towards getting yourself – or someone you care about – sober and clean.

For good.

Not just for a two week rehab and then the cycle starts again.

The Hope Community Farm teaches people how to change the rest of their lives and make something good of them. It saves people. It saves families. And that builds stronger communities.

Your journey to staying clean and sober is going to take longer than a couple of weeks. It’s going to take some effort from you, more effort than just detoxing.

If you’re ready to put in the work, we’ll walk with you every step, whether it’s three months or two years.

And we promise you this: if you keep walking with us, you will make it.

Hope Community Farm is a residential program.  You’ll be living on a real farm, just outside Geraldton.

It’s a farm, not a hotel. Don’t expect anything flasher than you need. Do expect to do some work, and to learn new skills.

Some of the people there, if you let them, they’ll be people you remember the rest of your life, because they cared what was happening to you and walked with you through the rough patches, as well as helping you make the most of the good outcomes.

Find out more.

Phone Shelby on (08) 9926 1987.

Or you can email

Or read more here.

It’s up to you.



Hope Community Services is a WA community based not for profit, founded in Perth in 1902. Our focus has always been on helping people with alcohol and drugs issues, especially rural, young and Aboriginal people.

We’re not part of any other group.

We charge fees for the Farm program that are usually covered by unemployment or sickness benefits.