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Mara Pirni Healing Centre is located in Kalgoorlie and operated by us, Hope Community Services. Mara Pirni is a provider of a range of services for women, children, families, friends and victims of Family and Domestic Violence in the Goldfields North Region. If you are looking for domestic violence counseling in Kalgoorlie, we are here for you and promise we will listen to you, believe you, and help you get the help you need.
Operated by Hope Community Services, Mara Pirni is a partnership and collaboration of specialist service provides including Wanslea Family Services, Ngunytju Tjitji Pirni (NTP), One Tree Community Services and Aboriginal Legal Service WA.
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What domestic violence counselling services are available?

Mara Pirni brings together a number of leading family and domestic violence counselling services in one place where we can work together to help victims access the services they need. These include:

  • Advocacy and safety planning
  • Family support and early childhood services
  • Creche
  • Legal services
  • Men’s healing services
  • Cultural healing service
  • Groups and activities


How to access Mara Pirni’s domestic violence counselling services.

You are welcome to simply turn up at our door if you need to. We are located at 10 Brown Avenue, Kalgoorlie. You can also call us on (08) 6001 7030 to speak with someone or organise a safe time and place to discuss your situation.

  • Our services are available to anyone across WA.
  • You do not need a referral.
  • You do not need to be Aboriginal.


You are safe with us. Here’s what to expect.

On accessing Mara Pirni’s services, you will be supported by one of our Safety Advocates, who will listen to your story and provide you with a safety plan, to help ensure your safety, and a support plan, to make sure you are accessing the right services to help you. After that you will be supported until you are in a safe place.


What do I do if a friend or family member needs help?

In circumstances of Family or Domestic Violence, friends or family members are often the first ones who notice there is a problem. If you suspect there is a problem then chances are there is. Early intervention is the key to reducing the damage that can be caused so please don’t wait – call us on (08) 6001 7030 to discuss your options.


How we deliver domestic violence counselling services.

We are here to listen, believe, and support you. No matter which service you access we will always treat you with respect, keep you in control and walk side by side with you for however long you need us. As well as this person-centred approach, we also follow four key practice guidelines to ensure you always feel safe and supported.

  • Our services are evidence-based and use a range of proven methods
  • Our services are peer-informed, offering the support and guidance of a person with a lived experience of a similar situation to yours wherever possible
  • Our services are trauma-informed to make sure you only have to tell your story once
  • Our services are culturally safe and welcoming of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and sexualities

About Mara Pirni.

Mara Pirni is operated by Hope Community Services alongside Ngunytju Tjitji Pirni Aboriginal Corporation, One Tree Community Services, Wanslea Family Services and Aboriginal Legal Service WA. Located at 10 Brown Avenue, Kalgoorlie you can also call us on (08) 6001 7030. We offer a range of domestic violence counseling services, these services can also be accessed across all WA, and you do NOT require a referral.


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