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Alcohol and Other Drugs don’t need to rule your life. No matter the challenge you currently face, or the set of circumstances that led you to where you are, we will help you. Reaching out is the hardest step to take, but is the biggest step to getting back in control of your life.

How to take the first step.

If you, or a loved one, are experiencing an issue with alcohol or other drugs, please reach out and we can help guide you to the right service, or mix of services, for your personal situation. All our services are completely free, and our team is ready to walk with you wherever it takes us, for however long it takes, to improve your physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.


Treatment and Support for individuals and families

Offered in a safe and completely non-judgemental environment, counselling sessions with one of our trained professionals will provide strategies to work through your issues, manage their effects, and uncover other services which may assist in dealing with your particular circumstances.

Cost: Free.

Group recovery programs.

Connecting with a supportive group of people who have walked in your shoes and understand the challenges you face can be a great relief to people struggling with alcohol and other drug issues. We can help you access a number of friendly, open and positive support groups, including:

  • Recovery support groups
  • Therapeutic groups
  • Relapse prevention groups
  • Family support groups
  • SMART recovery groups

Cost: Free.

Case Managers walk with you throughout your recovery journey, helping direct you to the correct services to help you, coordinating their delivery, and offering support and guidance during treatment. These services include:

  • Alcohol and other drug community treatment
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Diversion programs

Cost: Free.

Designed in collaboration with local groups and elders, these on-country recovery and support groups reconnect you to country and community, providing practical support and guidance in a culturally respectful way.

Cost: Free.

You are unique and so is your journey to where you are now, which is why finding the right services can be challenging. Through access and advocacy, we can help you navigate the options available and provide referrals and connections to the right services to address your particular set of challenges.

 Cost: Free.

We support individuals referred through the court system by offering alcohol and other drug counselling, or cannabis/drug interventions if referred by the police. We can also refer individuals to the work and development scheme to assist in paying off court fines.

Cost: Free.

Set 40km from Geraldton, Hope Springs is a beautiful open rural space where people can recover from their addictions, embrace the values for “right living” and gain help to change behaviours in the context of community life and responsibility.

For more information please visit our Hope Springs page here


Community prevention programs 

We understand the best form of treatment is prevention, so work with local communities and service providers to deliver a range of free programs that build capacity and provide early education, including:

  • Education and information sessions
  • Community alcohol and other drug education
  • Volatile substance use awareness training

Cost: Free.

Delivered through our community partnerships, these activities aim to increase awareness of alcohol and other drug issues through a range of grassroots initiatives, including:

  • School leadership breakfasts
  • Women’s day out
  • Alcohol and other drug awareness campaigns
  • Youth art group
  • Equine group

Cost: Free.

We offer community planning support for the prevention and treatment of alcohol and other drug related harms to help enable an effective and integrated community and regional response.

Cost: Free.

How we deliver our services.

We are here to help and support you. No matter which service you access we will always treat you with respect, keep you in control and walk side by side with you for however long you need us. As well as this person-centred approach, we also follow four key practice guidelines to ensure you always feel safe and supported.

  • Our services are evidence-based and use a range of proven methods
  • Our services are peer-informed, offering the support and guidance of a person with a lived experience of a similar situation to yours wherever possible
  • Our services are trauma-informed to make sure you only have to tell your story once
  • Our services are culturally safe and welcoming of all backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and sexualities

Delivering Hope.

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Hope Community Services acknowledges and respects the traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owners of the lands on which we work, the first people of this country. We pay our respects to them, their culture, and their Elders, past, present and future.

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Hope Community Services acknowledges and welcomes diversity in all its forms amongst staff and clients, including culture, language, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, intersex variations, religion, and socio‑economic and relationship status.

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Hope Community Services acknowledge the individual and collective experiences of those with a living or lived experience. We recognise their wise contribution at all levels throughout the business and value the courage of those who share their experiences for the purpose of creating safe spaces that improve mental health outcomes.