Hope Springs

Hope Springs is a residential rehabilitation program for adults who want to stop their dependence on alcohol and other drugs.

Hope Springs focusses on community life, which means we are never alone and we are in this together, we work and live together, we are present to take part in challenging day to day activities to learn self-responsibility, new skills, rekindle lost skills and earn success and achievement in a caring and supportive environment.

The program includes a structured routine, hard work and self-care where we apply excellence in every activity undertaken to help us progress in our recovery.  It is not a pleasure retreat.

Each day, the emphasis is on living and working together, not making excuses, accepting who we are and each other, tackling issues when they arise, and sharing about ourselves, all in order to build resilience and confidence to deal with life’s challenges and prevent a return to alcohol and drug dependency.

Work activities include maintenance, gardening, woodworking, bread making and poultry management.  These activities will change based on the seasons, the numbers of participants and interests of the community. The program also provides peer group reflections, individual counselling when necessary and coordinated recreational activities.

Please note that the program is based on a minimum 16-week commitment, but we encourage people to stay longer because the longer you stay the deeper the recovery.

For more information please contact us at hopesprings@hopecs.org.au
or call 08 9926 1987 during office hours.  

Please also watch this ABC video about our artisan bread being made by our residents.  HOPE would like to thank the ABC for coming to Hope Springs to film this.

Subject to negotiation, HOPE will pay for your bus travel costs to enter the program at the Farm and when you exit.